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The Philadelphia Inquirer has a new website that allows users to search through the obituaries of their favorite newspapers.

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Franklin News Post Obits is a blog that offers humorous and poignant obituaries for the people of Franklin.


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About the Franklin News Post Obits

The Franklin News Post Obits section is a place where readers can go to find out about the death of somebody in their community. This is a valuable resource for those who are trying to find closure after the death of a loved one, or simply want to keep tabs on the mortality rate in their area. The obituaries are also a great way to learn about the lives of people who have died, and they can be an interesting read for anyone curious about human nature and the fragility of life.

How to Use the Franklin News Post Obits

If you’re interested in keeping up with the lives of those lost in the Franklin area, the News Post obituaries are a great resource. Here’s how to use them:

First, visit the website and search for “Obituaries.” You’ll be directed to a page with a list of recent obituaries.

You can browse through the most recent entries, or use the search function to find an specific person. Once you find the obituary you’re looking for, click on it to read more.

The News Post offers basic information about each person, including their name, age, date of death, and funeral arrangements. If you want to learn more about the life of the deceased, there is usually a link to their full obituary.

Obituaries can be a great way to stay connected to your community and learn about its history. They also offer comfort to those who have lost loved ones.

What You Can Find in the Franklin News Post Obits

If you’re looking for an obituary in the Franklin News Post, you’ll find a wealth of information. You can learn about the person’s life, their family, their career, and their death. Obituaries are a great way to learn about someone’s life, and they can be very moving.

Tips for Searching the Franklin News Post Obits

1) Start by searching the name of the deceased in the search bar. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try different variations of the name (e.g., John Smith vs. J. Smith).

2) If you still can’t find the obituary you’re looking for, try searching for other relatives of the deceased, such as a spouse or child.

3) Once you’ve found the obituary you’re looking for, take a look at the date it was published. The Franklin News Post publishes obituaries on its website dating back to January 1, 2003.

4) If you’re having trouble finding an obituary from a specific year, try browsing through the newspaper’s archives by year. The archives are located in the top right-hand corner of the website under “Archives.”

5) Finally, if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact our customer service department at 1-800-876-7469 and they will be happy to assist you.

How to Obtain Copies of Obituaries from the Franklin News Post

If you are interested in obtaining copies of obituaries from the Franklin News Post, there are a few avenues that you can explore.

First, the easiest way to access these records is through the newspaper’s online archives. The website for the Franklin News Post includes an extensive searchable database of past obituaries, which dates back to 1884. To access this resource, simply visit the website and use the search bar to enter the name of the individual you are looking for.

Another option is to contact the library at which the newspaper is housed. The George C. Marshall Foundation Library in Lexington, Virginia holds physical copies of the Franklin News Post dating back to its founding in 1884. The staff at this library would be able to assist you in making photocopies or scans of any obituaries you are interested in.

Finally, if you are unable to travel to Lexington yourself, you can always hire a researcher or genealogist to help obtain these records for you. There are many professionals who specialize in this type of work and they likely have experience dealing with newspapers like the Franklin News Post.

Other Resources for Obituaries

Looking for an obituary, but not sure where to start? Here are some other resources that can help:

The first place to look is the local newspaper. Many newspapers keep an online archive of past obituaries, which can be searched by name or keyword. If you know the dates of death, this can be a quick and easy way to find an obituary.

Another good resource is This website collects obituaries from around the world, and makes them searchable by name and location.

If you’re having trouble finding an obituary, try reaching out to the funeral home that handled arrangements. They may be able to provide you with a copy of the obituary, or at least point you in the right direction.

Still no luck? Try searching social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. People often post links to online obituaries on these platforms, so it’s worth checking if you’re having trouble finding one elsewhere.


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