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Positive News USA is a site that covers good news stories from across the country.

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Positive News USA is a website that collects and curates good news stories from across the United States. We believe that the news should be uplifting and inspiring, and we’re on a mission to spread positive news far and wide!

On our site, you’ll find stories about people doing good deeds, community initiatives, businesses with a positive impact, and more. We also have a section featuring “good news only” headlines, so you can stay updated on the positive things happening in the world without having to wade through the negativity.

We believe that the news can be a force for good, and we’re here to show you how!

Good News from the Northeast

What’s the good news from the Northeast?

For one thing, the economy in this part of the country is doing well. The unemployment rate in the Northeast is 4.5%, which is lower than the national average of 5%. And, wages in the Northeast are growing faster than they are in other parts of the country.

There’s also good news when it comes to crime. violent crime rates have been falling in cities like Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. In fact, violent crime rates in these cities are now at their lowest levels in decades.

And, there are some signs that people in the Northeast are becoming healthier. For example, smoking rates have been falling in recent years, and more people are getting vaccinated against influenza and other diseases.

Good News from the Southeast

Positive News USA is a website that collects and posts good news stories from across the country. Here are some recent stories from the Southeast region of the United States:

-In Florida, a group of volunteers has been helping to clean up beaches that have been affected by plastic pollution.
-In Georgia, a new law has been passed that will allow people with certain medical conditions to use cannabis for treatment.
-In Mississippi, a local company has donated $1 million to help fund a new school for children with special needs.

Good News from the Midwest

Good news from the Midwest:
-Iowa is one of the top five states in the nation for solar energy production.
– Nebraska is home to the world’s largest sandhills crane breeding colony.
– The first community solar garden in Illinois is now operational.
– A Minnesota company is using recycled blue jeans to insulate homes.

Good News from the Southwest

From a city in Texas turning its food waste into compost to a solar-powered school in Arizona, here are some positive news stories from the southwest region of the United States.

In Austin, Texas, the city council has voted to make food composting mandatory for all businesses that generate a certain amount of food waste. This is a great move towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diverting waste from landfills.

In Phoenix, Arizona, a new school has opened that is powered entirely by solar panels. The school is using clean energy to power its operations and is teaching its students about the importance of renewable energy.

These are just two examples of the good news happening in the southwest region of the United States. For more positive news stories from across the country, be sure to check out Positive News USA.

Good News from the West

In the western United States, there are several stories of positivity and hope. In Oregon, a new law will go into effect that will ban single-use plastic bags at checkout lanes in grocery stores. This is a huge step forward in the fight to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment.

In California, a new law has been passed that will require all public schools to teach ethnic studies courses. This is an important step in promoting understanding and respect for different cultures and backgrounds.

And in Colorado, a new program is helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by training them to work with service dogs. The dogs provide companionship and support, and the program is already seeing some positive results.


When it comes to the news, it’s easy to focus on the negative. But there’s plenty of good happening around the country, too. Here are some feel-good stories from across the U.S.A.:

In Alabama, a group of teenagers saved a man from drowning in a lake.

In Florida, a group of friends raised money to buy an air conditioner for an elderly woman who struggles to pay her bills.

In Pennsylvania, a man with Down syndrome got the opportunity to work at his local grocery store after Target refused to give him an interview.

These are just a few of the many stories of people doing good deeds and making a difference in their communities. So next time you’re feeling low, remember that there’s still plenty of good in the world – and it might be closer than you think.

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