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What is USA Shooting?

USA Shooting, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was chartered by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of shooting in April 1995.USA Shooting’s mission is to prepare American athletes to win Olympic medals, promote the shooting sports throughout the U.S. and govern the conduct of international shooting in the country.The organization implements and manages development programs and sanctions events at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

What are the benefits of joining USA Shooting?

As a member of USA Shooting, you’ll be eligible to participate in a wide variety of competitions and events across the country. You’ll also have access to exclusive training opportunities, discounts on firearms and ammunition, as well as valuable insurance coverage. Whether you’re just getting started in the sport or you’re a seasoned veteran, USA Shooting has something to offer everyone.

How can I join USA Shooting?

Whether you are new to the sport of shooting or a seasoned veteran, we have a place for you in USA Shooting. If you are not already a member, we welcome you to join us!

There are many benefits to joining USA Shooting, including:
– Access to our online member community
– Discounts on firearms and ammunition
– Invitations to members-only events
– And much more!

To join USA Shooting, please visit our website and select the membership option that best suits your needs. If you have any questions about membership, please contact us.

What events does USA Shooting host?

USA Shooting, a member of the United States Olympic Committee, is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of shooting in the United States. They are responsible for promoting gun safety and providing training and education for amateur athletes in all aspects of competitive shooting.

USA shooting hosts several different types of events including local, state, and national competitions. They also offer training camps and clinics for athletes of all levels, from beginners to experienced competitors. In addition, USA Shooting provides support for athletes who wish to represent the United States at international competitions such as the Olympic Games.

What are the requirements to compete in USA Shooting events?

USA Shooting, the National Governing Body for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of shooting in the United States, is responsible for implementing the rules set forth by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and administering competitive shooting opportunities throughout the country from the Olympic Games to grassroots youth programs.

In order to compete in any USA Shooting event, whether it be at the local, state or national level, competitors must first become members of USA Shooting. Once you are a member, you will be able to register for competitions through our online registration system. You can learn more about membership here:

To compete in most events at the club level, all you need is a current USA Shooting membership. For state level events like State Championships and Junior Olympic Qualifiers, in addition to a current membership, you must also meet certain eligibility requirements which can be found here:

At the national level, in order to compete in events like Nationals or Olympic Trials qualifiers, competitors must again have a current membership as well as meet certain qualification standards which change from event to event. The current qualification standards can be found here:

How can I get started in competitive shooting?

You can get started in competitive shooting by finding a local club or range that offers competitions. You can also look for online competitions that you can enter. There are many different types of competitive shooting, so you will need to decide what type of shooting you are interested in. Once you have decided, you will need to get the appropriate equipment and practice.

What are the rules of competitive shooting?

The National Rifle Association’s Rule Book for Rifle and Pistol Shooting Competitions is the official set of rules used in all NRA-sanctioned competitive shooting events. The Rule Book contains rules governing eligibility, firearms, ammunition, targets, range procedures, safety, shooting positions, match conduct and more.

NRA competitive shooting events are divided into the following categories:

Rifle – events are held at both the compounds (indoor ranges) and outdoor ranges with distances from 50 to 600 yards;

Pistol – events are held at both the compounds (indoor ranges) and outdoor ranges with distances from 50 to 200 yards;

Shotgun – events are held at both the compounds (indoor ranges) and outdoor ranges with distances from 50 to 200 yards.

What equipment do I need to compete in shooting sports?

There is a wide variety of equipment used in shooting sports, depending on the discipline. For example, Olympic disciplines such as rifle and pistol require very different types of equipment than trap or skeet.

Here is a general overview of the different types of equipment you may need to compete in shooting sports:

Rifles are long-barreled guns that are fired from the shoulder. In Olympic disciplines, they are used to engage targets at long range. In other disciplines, such as hunting, they may be used for shorter-range shots.

Pistols are handguns that are held in one hand and fired from the hip. They are used in Olympic disciplines such as 25m rapid fire pistol and 50m pistol. In other disciplines, such as cowboy action shooting, multiple pistols may be used.

Shotguns are long-barreled guns that are fired from the shoulder. They shoot a spread of pellets instead of a single bullet, making them effective for hitting moving targets such as clay pigeons. Shotguns are used in Olympic disciplines such as trap and skeet, as well as in hunting applications.

Airguns use compressed air or CO2 to propel pellets or BBs down their barrels. Air rifles are often used in Olympics disciplines such as 10m air rifle and 25m rapid fire pistol. Air pistols may also be used in some disciplines. Airsoft guns are similar to airguns, but they shoot plastic BBs instead of metal pellets or BBs.

What are the different types of competitive shooting events?

Competitive shooting events can broadly be divided into two categories: bullseye and action shooting. Bullseye shooting is further divided into precision and combat.

Precision bullseye shooting is sometimes called “slow fire” because the targets are large and the time limit for each shot is slow (usually 10 seconds). The targets are round and have 10 scoring rings, with the center being worth 10 points and the outer rings worth progressively less. The slowest time limit is generally used in national level matches, while faster time limits are used in local level matches.

Combat or action bullseye shooting is generally referred to as “timed fire” because the targets are small and the time limit for each shot is fast (usually 5 seconds). The targets are square with 5 scoring zones, with the center being worth 5 points and the outer zones worth progressively less. This type of shooting is often used in police and military training because it more closely resembles real-world situations.

Action shooting is a more general category that includes any type of shooting where the targets are moving or there is a need to move while shooting. This can include sports such as clay pigeon shooting, as well as practical disciplines such as self-defense training.

How can I find out more about USA Shooting?

USA Shooting, a national governing body for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of shooting in the United States, is committed to growing participation in shooting sports through its core programs.

If you are interested in finding out more about USA Shooting, please visit their website at

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