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The latest results and stories from USA Wrestling. Stay up to date on all the latest news from the world of wrestling.

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The Latest Results

The United States won big at the latest wrestling tournament. America’s top wrestlers took home gold, silver, and bronze medals. This was a huge victory for the team and a great way to start off the year.

High School

USA Wrestling is excited to bring you the latest results and stories from high school wrestling! Stay up to date on all of the action with our comprehensive results and stories.


The National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) is a college wrestling association in the United States. The NCWA was founded in 2010 and currently consists of over 190 schools across the country. The NCWA holds a national tournament each year to determine champions in each weight class.

The NCWA is divided into two divisions, Division I and Division II. Each division has its own national tournament. The top teams in each division compete at the NCWA National Duals, which are held each year in early February.

The NCWA also holds a National Championships for both divisions, as well as a National Duals tournament for Division II schools.


The Freestyle World Cup is an international wrestling competition among teams representing member nations of the United World Wrestling (UWW). The tournament consists of five dual-meet grades in which each team faces off against another. It is the most prestigious freestyle wrestling event in the world outside of the Olympic Games, and is frequently used as a qualifier for the Olympic Games. The current champions are Iran, who won their seventh title in 2018.

The United World Wrestling (UWW) is the international governing body for amateur wrestling, its properties include FILA, the now defunct International Amateur Wrestling Federation. It was established on April 17, 1912 in Antwerp, Belgium and has been located in Rome since May 1957.


In Greco-Roman wrestling, the legs cannot be used to attack, and only throws that start above the waist are allowed. This style of wrestling was first used in the ancient Olympic Games and was later popularized in France. It is one of the two styles of wrestling that are contested in the Olympic Games, along with freestyle wrestling.

The Stories

The United States wrestling team has been on a roll lately. They have had some great victories and are looking to continue their winning ways. Here are some of the latest results and stories from the world of USA Wrestling.

High School

Each week, USA Wrestling will bring you the latest news and stories from around the high school wrestling world. Stay up to date on all of the top high school wrestling events, such as who is winning big tournaments and which schools are dominating the rankings.


In college wrestling, the top team in the country right now is Penn State. They have won 8 National Championships in a row, and their head coach Cael Sanderson is considered one of the best coaches in the country. Some of their top wrestlers include Bo Nickal (174 lbs), Jason Nolf (157 lbs), and Vincenzo Joseph (165 lbs).


The Freestyle program has been one of the most successful in United States history. The Freestyle program includes five different styles: Greco-Roman, freestyle, folkstyle, beach and Grappling. The Greco-Roman and freestyle programs are Olympic disciplines, while folkstyle is the form of wrestling practiced at the high school and collegiate level in the United States. Beach wrestling and Grappling are two newer styles that have gained popularity in recent years.

The United States has won more Olympic medals in freestyle wrestling than any other country. American wrestlers have won a total of 83 medals: 34 gold, 22 silver and 27 bronze. The first American to win an Olympic medal in freestyle wrestling was George Mehnert, who won bronze in 1904. The most recent Olympic medalist is Kyle Snyder, who won gold in 2016.

In addition to its success at the Olympic Games, the United States has also been very successful at the World Championships. American wrestlers have won a total of 213 medals: 90 gold, 58 silver and 65 bronze. The first American to win a World Championship was Myron Roderick, who won gold in Greco-Roman competition in 1955. The most recent World Champion is Kyle Snyder, who won gold in 2017.


The first Olympic wrestling event was in the ancient Games of 708 BC in Greece, and the sport has been included in every modern Olympics. Wrestling was also part of the Pan-American Games from 1951–87. In 1959, the first World Championships were held in the Greco-Roman style in Turkey. The first FILA (Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées) World Championships for women were held in 1980 in New York City. The sport was added to the Commonwealth Games in 1986 and the Goodwill Games in 1990.

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